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Military Impacted Schools Association
University of Northern Iowa
The Princeton Review
About SOAR

SOAR (Student Online Achievement Resources) is a program for military families and the school districts that serve them.  It aims to address the unique challenges facing military children in our nationís public schools, while benefiting the overall student population.

SOAR Home is an internet-based application, which is easily accessible worldwide.

Parent components include:

  • Easy access to their childrenís accounts
  • Links to militaryinstallations, transition resources and school websites.
  • Resources for at-home learning activities
  • Message board
  • State-specific resources, such as state learning standards
  • Links to Department of Education and other educational resources websites

Student components include:

  • Assessments aligned with state standards to identify their strengths and weaknesses in reading and mathematics
  • Tutorial lessons to reinforce and review skills not mastered


The Military Impacted Schools Association (MISA) sponsors SOAR in partnership with the University of Northern Iowa, The Princeton Review, and Skills Tutor.  We have come together to provide resources to assist with the unique challenges for military children.  Our hope is that SOAR will help children improve in their academic endeavors, and ease the transition of moving from one military installation to another.  While we are working to assist the 550,000 children of our military personnel, we know that their classmates will also be the beneficiary of these resources.